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We are

Welcome to! We organise all kinds of aviation-related events. You can come to us for balloon rides, sky diving, paragliding, gliding, helicopter flights and much more. We do our utmost to give you an unforgettable experience, not only during the activity, but also before. We are happy to answer your questions so that you are fully prepared for the flight. We turn wishes into a unique and personalised experience. Experience it with and go after your dreams!

Why choose
- Professional staff,
- Competitive prices,
- No hidden costs,
- Up-to-date website,
- Personal contact,
- The ability to make your own wishes to personalise activities,
- An enjoyable activity.

From our office, we serve our customers in the best possible way. Our staff are ready to offer you a fun experience and answer all your questions. You can e-mail, call, whatsapp and chat with us.