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Zie de wereld vanuit een ander perspectief! Deltavliegen
Rise to magnificent heights!

Hang gliding

Enjoy fantastic views and fly over nature reserves, along the coast or maybe even over your home! Experience the freedom of the wind blowing in your face, the sounds in the air and the view as you hang under your own wings. Hang gliding is a breathtaking experience!

Before taking to the air

Information on hang gliding

Hang gliding, also known as trike flying, is incredibly popular in the Netherlands and Belgium and the safest flying sport on earth. Experience a unique adrenaline rush, not cooped up in a cockpit, but sitting comfortably behind the pilot. You have to feel that!


You always start the flight with a brief explanation and safety briefing. At the delta (the name used for the lightweight parachute style wing in hang gliding), the pilot explains the basics of hang gliding. He answers all your questions and explains how the delta stays in the air.

Once you have checked with the pilot that the delta is ready for departure, it is time to take to the air! The delta pulls up quickly until you are suddenly loose.


Because the delta flies relatively slowly and low, you have fantastic views. You can fly over nature reserves (at sufficient altitude), a stretch along the coast or perhaps over your own home.


You'll have plenty of time and opportunity to film and/or photograph, provided you secure your camera or phone with a lanyard so nothing can fall out or get caught in the propeller.

After you have ordered your ticket or voucher from us, you will receive all the necessary information about scheduling your activity.

Nadat u bij ons uw ticket of voucher heeft besteld, ontvangt u alle benodigde informatie over het inplannen van uw activiteit.

View the rate


Below is the rate for Delta flying with This price is per person.

Price per person
20 minutes85 euros
30 minutes120 euros
45 minutes140 euros
60 minutes165 euros
Additional information

Hang gliding  

Flying in a delta is very different from flying in a plane. The open cockpit provides great views and the relatively low speed of around 80 to 110 kilometres per hour gives occupants plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.


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Flights are flown the first 3 hours after sunrise and the last 3 hours before sunset.
Afterwards, you will receive a certificate with a drink to toast your first trike flight.
The time chosen is the net flight time in the trike. Allow about 15 minutes for explanation and preparation etc.
Flying will only take place in dry weather with adequate visibility and when the wind is not too strong. The pilot will send you an email approx. 3 days in advance to confirm whether it will definitely go ahead. You will receive the email address and phone number when you book.