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A stunning view and beautiful experience


A hot-air balloon ride is a unique experience. Floating quietly through the air, you have a fantastic view of the landscape. Occasionally you will hear the burner, but when it is off, it is wonderfully quiet up in the sky. With a hot-air balloon ride, you see your surroundings from a completely different perspective. You have a beautiful view in the distance, as well as of the area you are sailing over.

A balloon ride is an experience to remember!

While taking a balloon ride, you are in the air for about an hour, this time does not include take-off and landing. A balloon ride is more than just a beautiful view. In fact, you will also see how a hot air balloon is built and get to help with this. Afterwards, you will enjoy a drink and receive a certificate as a souvenir of a great balloon ride.

Planned cruises

View our overview of scheduled cruises here. Groups of six or more are also welcome. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. 


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Board one of the scheduled balloon rides and let the enjoyment begin! With our wide range of balloon rides, there is always a hot air balloon ride possible in your area.

It is also possible to book a private hot-air balloon ride. Here, you can choose your own date and location for the balloon ride.

BallonvarenPrijs per persoon
Planned flight205 euro
Private flightOn reques
Gift voucherAmount of your choice