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Zeilen in een zee van zand Blokarten
Sailing in a sea of sand


Sand yachting, also known as blokarting, is currently one of the most popular beach activities. This popularity is no coincidence. The beauty of blokarting is that absolutely anyone can participate, regardless of age. All you need is wind and space, and that's precisely what the Westland beaches have to offer. It's a unique experience that requires no prior experience. Our experienced instructors are ready to teach you the ins and outs of blokarting in no time, so you can fully enjoy this thrilling activity.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of speed, the sense of freedom, or simply the excitement of sailing across the beach, blokarting offers it all. With our expert guidance, you'll quickly learn how to control your blokart, from gaining speed to making sharp turns. Before you know it, you'll be racing effortlessly across the sand, fully in control and ready for adventure.

And the best part? At, you can go blokarting all year round, even in winter. So whether it's summer and the sun is high in the sky, or it's winter and the wind is howling across the beach, blokarting is always a fantastic option for a day filled with fun and adrenaline. Let yourself be swept away by the sensation of blokarting and experience an unforgettable adventure on the beaches of the Dutch coast.

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BlokartingPrice per person
Blokarting (your own kart) - 1 hour49 euro
Blokarting (2 persons share 1 kart) - 1 uur 35 euro
ArrangementsOn request