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Paragliding is a very popular aerial sport and is becoming increasingly popular. You may have seen paragliders hanging in the sky. Experience the thrill and beautiful views for yourself! In a tandem flight, you take to the air with an experienced instructor. A so-called winch is used to lift you up, after which the cable is disconnected. After this, the glide down begins. Book a paragliding flight at one of the locations and take to the skies!

Locations for paragliding offers paragliding at various locations in the Netherlands. Choose your location and check out the options.

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Which paragliding flight will you choose? At, it is possible to choose a Tandem Flight or a Paraglide Experience where you will make multiple flights.

ParaglidingPrice per person
Tandemflight79 euro
Paraglide Lesson149 euro
Paraglide Experience189 euro
GiftcardFrom 79 euro